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LJM House T-Shirts
LJM House T-Shirts
LJM House T-Shirts
LJM House T-Shirts
LJM House T-Shirts
LJM House T-Shirts
LJM House T-Shirts
LJM House T-Shirts
LJM House T-Shirts

    LJM House T-Shirts


      Our students are loving the House System at LJM (new in 2022 - 2023 school year)! We want to support them in PRIDE behaviors, and you can support your LJM "House" by sporting your own House T-Shirt. (See below for the details of the LJM House System.)

      T-Shirts are sold in both Adult Unisex and Youth Unisex Sizes and host the colors of each LJM House. In addition, we are offering a black House shirt for those who want to support the House System, but not a specific House. All Five Houses and the characteristics that they represent, when simultaneously practiced, give us the “Portrait of a Lion” which is featured on the black tees.
      Shirts are 5.3 oz. and are sized S - 3XL Unisex for Adults and Youth sizes XS - XL.  Sizing and Measurement charts are shown in the photos for shirt selections.
      • 100% preshrunk cotton (Irish Green and Orange are 90% cotton, 10% polyester)
      • Double-needle sleeve and bottom hems
      • Taped neck and shoulders
      • Classic midweight fabric
      • Classic fit tubular body
      • 7/8" collar
      • Classic fit
      • Tear-away label


      LJM House System

      House point systems are a common and traditional feature in schools to encourage teamwork, group loyalty among pupils, and positive relationships across all grade levels. It works as follow:
      ● The school is divided into teams called ‘houses’. Each house includes pupils from every grade.
      ● House ‘leaders’ or ‘captains’ can/could be appointed, but are not required.
      ● Each house is identified by its own emblem and color.
      ● Each pupil is allocated to a house when they join the school.
      ● Pupils earn house points for good work, behavior or participation, for example.

      • Houses also compete with one another, often at sports and in other ways, providing a focus for teamwork and group loyalty.
      • House points are awarded according to the school’s reward system. Points are usually represented by physical tokens or stickers, for example, or are counted electronically as part of an online system.
      • At the end of the school year or term, the ‘winning’ house is announced and rewarded with a ‘house cup’ or a similar prize.

      Using house point systems has been shown to have a positive impact on motivation and behavior, as well as encouraging a sense of identity and belonging among school students.
      Such systems include all pupils, not just the highest achievers. The system helps to develop a variety of skills other than academic and can help reinforce all desired qualities outlined in the PRIDE Matrix.
      A sense of camaraderie, teamwork and healthy competition is nurtured, which contributes to a thriving school culture.
      It is widely suggested that house point systems help pupils become more engaged in their own education, while raising standards.
      House leaders are afforded the opportunity to mentor their group members and get to know them individually, which will help to build positive relationships throughout our school.

      The 5 LJM Houses are synonymous with 5 PRIDE Characteristics:

      Amici is the Latin translation for “Friends”, our depiction of Personable. And what’s more personable than a monkey?

      Obsequium is the Latin translation for “Respectful”. The eagle represents respect and dignity.

      Integritas is the Latin translation for integrity. The elephant will be our representation of pride in oneself.

      Fiducia is the Latin translation for confidence or trust. This represents dependable. Who is more dependable than man’s best friend, the dog?

      Versatum is the Latin translation of “Engaged”. In the mountains and forest, there is no other animal more engaged than the bear.